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4 tons per hour biomass wood fired steam boiler


4 tons per hour biomass wood fired steam boiler. The heat transfer oil furnace organic heat carrier furnace (heat transfer oil furnace) uses coal, oil, gas, electricity as fuel, heat transfer oil as medium, and uses the circulating oil pump to force the heat transfer oil to heat in the furnace. The liquid phase circulates, after the heat is transferred to the heat equipment through the pipe network, it returns to the high temperature, low pressure and energy saving equipment of the heat transfer oil furnace.

1. The heated surface adopts a dense row of disc tubes, and the heating surface is arranged sufficiently to reduce the heat load on the surface of the tube, which has high thermal efficiency and is safer to use.
2. The fuel is in adiabatic combustion in the combustion chamber, which makes the fire easier, burns more fully, and improves the thermal efficiency of the boiler.
3. The medium flow is reasonable. The heat transfer oil has low inlet to high outlet. The gas generated during operation is difficult to keep in the furnace, which can be easily eliminated.
4. The top of the furnace is arranged with densely packed coils to better protect the top of the furnace and avoid the phenomenon of burnt roof.
6, Easy to install, no foundation, only the upper body and the lower furnace row can be closed, the installation cycle is short.

  4 tons per hour biomass wood fired steam boiler

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