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DZL coal-fired steam boiler 4 tons per hour


Coal-fired boiler ash is the final product formed by the physico-chemical changes under the high temperature formed by the minerals in the coal burning in the furnace. Since the ash in the boiler will cause problems such as smudging, slagging, corrosion and wear on the heated surface, affecting the normal operation of the boiler, it is necessary to stop the ash ash effectively and timely. A part of the ash is discharged from the slag bucket behind the furnace of the layer furnace, the cold ash hopper in the lower part of the furnace of the pulverized coal furnace or the slag outlet and the slag well at the bottom of the liquid slag discharging furnace, which is called slag discharging. The slag demand is sent to the slag yard (or ash pool) by the boiler slag installation, which is called slag discharge.
The timely delivery and disposal of high-temperature slag is a necessary part of the safe operation of the boiler. During the extinction process, the local ash scum constitutes condensed or semi-condensed granules which are carried by the flue gas before the solidification and collide with the furnace wall, the water wall or the high temperature section superheater, and adhere to the surface thereof, and are cooled. It is solidified to form a coke block. This phenomenon is called slagging (or molten slagging, coking). The form of coke formed by slagging is mainly a thin or molten precipitate, and is mainly present on the radiation heating surface of a coal-fired boiler to reduce the heat transfer capability of the heated surface in the furnace. The slagging process is usually associated with the physical migration of molten or viscous ash particles carried by the flue gas. When the flue gas cools, the substance evaporated by the high temperature flame will condense, causing these substances to accumulate on the radiant heating surface to form the slag.

  DZL coal-fired steam boiler 4 tons per hour

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