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How to treat water in environmentally friendly coal-fired boilers


How to treat water in environmentally friendly coal-fired boilers

Environmentally friendly coal-fired boiler water treatment includes replenishment water (ie, boiler fill water) solution, condensed water (ie, turbine generator condensate or condensate purchased by production process), water supply and drainage deoxidation, and dosing treatment.
1. Make-up water treatment
Because the main use of steam (heating or power generation) and condensate acquisition levels are different, the water supply flow rate of energy-saving and environmentally friendly boilers is different. The recharge water flow rate of the condensing power plant boiler is usually less than 3% of the evaporation amount, and the recharge water flow of the heating energy-saving environmental protection boiler can be as high as hg150%. Feed water treatment steps: 1. Normalization treatment 2. Softening 3. Desalting
2. Condensate solution
In the whole process of the circulatory system, the condensed water will be polluted by the leakage of the turbine generator cooling circuit and the software etched by the system, and sometimes it needs to be solved. The amount of condensate produced is related to the main parameters of the boiler, the type of furnace (if there is no drum or separation equipment) and the environmental pollution of the condensate. With the increase of the main parameters of the energy-saving and environmental protection boiler, the mud production of the condensed water is usually gradually increased. For supercritical working pressure boilers should be all solved; for ultra-high pressure and subcritical pressure boilers, the amount of mud produced is 20-150%; for the following energy-saving and environmentally-friendly boilers with drums, the following energy-saving boilers are usually not solved. Common solidification water purification equipments include methyl cellulose cover filtration devices and electromagnetic induction filtration devices. After removing the etched material (copper oxide and iron oxide, etc.) in the condensed water, it is further mixed into a mixed bed or a powder-free epoxy coating filter device to carry out depth 1 demineralization.


3. Water supply and drainage deoxidation
The dissolved oxygen in the water supply of the energy-saving and environmentally-friendly boiler will erode the metal material of the heating system software. The etched material is copper-iron scale in the high heat consumption of the boiler, which makes the heat conduction malignant, so that the blast tube or the igneous rock in the steam turbine generator rolling cylinder reduces the high efficiency of the steam turbine generator. Thus, the make-up water and condensate that have undergone softening or desalting must typically be deoxygenated before entering the boiler. Common deoxidation methods include heat and oxygen removal and vacuum pump deoxidation, and sometimes organic chemical deoxidation.
4. Adding ammonia to the drainage and the solution in the pot
Boiler water supply and drainage after recharge water treatment, condensate solution and dewatering of water supply and drainage, usually with ammonia or organic chemical amines to increase the pH value of water supply and drainage, avoiding acid and alkaline water immersion in metal materials eclipse. For energy-saving and environmentally friendly boilers with drums, it is usually necessary to carry out in-pot solutions. In the solution, add trisodium phosphate or other chemical materials in the drum to change the salt residue that can produce dirt in the water into the sludge that can be discharged during the sewage treatment to avoid or alleviate the formation of scale.

  How to treat water in environmentally friendly coal-fired boilers

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