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10 Tons Capacity Per Hour Coal Boiler With Automatic Feeding


The so-called environmentally-friendly coal-fired boiler is a boiler whose fuel is coal-burning and whose sewage discharge meets the national emission standards. It means that the coal is burned in the furnace to release heat, and the heat medium water or other organic heat carrier (such as heat-conducting oil) is heated. Thermal power equipment to a certain temperature (or pressure). Users choose coal-fired boilers not only for coal-fired boilers, but also for a high-quality coal-fired boiler.

High-quality coal-fired boilers should save 30% to 40% of coal, and all emission standards are far beyond the national environmental protection requirements, and the service life can reach more than 10 years. It is a combination of “environmental protection, energy saving, reliability and durability”. This is called high quality.

1. High efficiency in saving coal. With the development of social economy, saving coal has become an important criterion for consumers to choose boilers, which is a real benefit for consumers. In addition, the fuel is fully burned and the entire combustion process is done without black smoke. This is environmentally friendly while improving efficiency.


2. Membrane water wall structure. Membrane water wall structures are used on both sides of the furnace and the combustion chamber. The membrane water wall structure is a unique design of Zheng pot independent design. The membrane water wall structure used for power station boilers is applied to the assembled boiler. The advantages are large heat transfer coefficient, good conduction effect, low heat loss and good air tightness. The furnace wall is not deformed and does not leak.

3. Long service life. The service life of the boiler is also directly related to the cost of the enterprise. Long service life saves company costs to a certain extent. The service life of high-quality coal-fired boilers must reach more than 10 years.

The above are the standards for high-quality environmentally-friendly coal-fired boilers introduced by Zhongzheng Xiaobian. Of course, there are other factors besides this. Also want to know some other knowledge about coal-fired boilers, please visit the company website to ask the website engineers, they will do their best to help you. 10 Tons Capacity Per Hour Coal Boiler With Automatic Feeding

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